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All the tips you need about aftersun

Aude Barré
R&D Director

How can I keep my tan for as long as possible?

“Slowly but surely” is the name of the game. If a tan is acquired too quickly, it will often be of poor quality because it is associated with skin damage that leads to peeling.
To keep your tan for as long as possible, there are a few rules to follow:
- Avoid exfoliation treatments that accelerate peeling as they will make your tan disappear faster.
- Regularly moisturise your skin

How can I avoid peeling?

To avoid peeling, there is just one thing for it: moisturise your skin thoroughly morning and night during and after the period when you are exposed to the sun. Opt for products that are enriched with moisturising ingredients and emollients, such as butters and oils.

So I have to clean my skin after wearing sun cream all day?

Preferably, yes! Not because there is a risk in not doing so, but simply because after a day outdoors your skin will appreciate a nice shower.

How do I choose the most suitable consistency for my skin and my tan?

The type of product you choose is simply a question of taste. Some people prefer creams while others prefer lotions. Men generally opt for lighter, fresher consistencies such as spray products. It is really just a matter of taste.

Since the factor is standardised, you can trust the SPF shown on the label and choose the type of product that you feel most comfortable using.