My skin feels tight, and tends to redness easily. What can I do ?

Your skin may react like this, whatever your skin type is. It is then time to be cautious and choose products specifically made for sensitive skin.

Your skin needs care ! 3 essential steps :

1. Relieve your irritated skin using products with specially calming active agents (bisabolol, for example)

2. Moisturize your skin intensely with long lasting moisturizing care. Your skin is better regenerated and will have its hydro-lipidic layer protecting naturally from external aggressive agents.

3. Wash and delicately clean your face in the morning and in the evening. Use very mild products, ultra nourishing and with a small number of ingredients. Choose delicate milky textures and non rinsing emulsions. They nourish your skin and gives a great sensation of softness and suppleness.

Corine de Farme advice : before using a new product, test it on your arm. If no redness appears 1hour after the application, you can use it with no risk on your skinface.