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Calendula is characterized by its orange-yellow petals and its achene in semi circular shape. It's characteristic is to follow the sun's path : it opens when the sun is higher and closes up at night.

But where does this pretty flower come from ?

Calendula, or "Pot marigold", is an herbaceous plant in the Asteraceae family. Calendula is an herbaceous plant, native of Europe and is cultivated in Mediterranean areas. Used since Antiquity for its medicinal properties, its utilisation diversified through the centuries. Today, this flower is very popular in cosmetics because of its soothing properties.

And why is it good for our skin ?

Softening and soothing, Calendula is perfect to hydrate dry skins and to calm sensitive skins. Its softening properties are appreciated in particular in baby products.

Our difference ? A 100 % natural extract !

The extraction is made by flower's maceration in an exclusively natural solvent. A concentration step by vacuum evaporation then allows to eliminate this solvent. The extracts obtained are drying by zeodratation, a new dry technology which do not denature the active ingredient. They are solubilized in a a plant-origin glycerine support. The extract is then titrated in order to guarantee the plant's activity in active molecules.

And how do we ensure its effectiveness ?

Titration helps to determine the concentration of chemical species in solution,  in order to ensure the presence of some molecules during the extraction. It's just an assay technique !