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Orange Blossom

The Orange Blossom is a flower with white colors sometimes pink with an intoxicating scent called Neroli scent. It contains a powerful repairing active ingredient known for its many soothing, antioxidant, moisturizing and softening properties.

Where does the orange blossom come from?

Orange blossom comes from the sour orange tree, a tree belonging to the Rutaceae family originating from Asia. Today this tree is mainly cultivated in Morocco, India, Spain, Italy and Tunisia. In the 17th century, orange flower extract was used as a perfume by the Duchess of Nerola to perfume her gloves and bath. This is why the name Neroli is used to describe this essence with aphrodisiac properties.

Why is it good for our skin?

Orange Blossom extract is recommended to soothe and soothe irritations, its calming, softening and refreshing properties provide immediate relief to all skin types, and relieve heat due to sunburn. Its particular composition helps to treat the diffuse redness of the upper layers of the epidermis.

Our difference: a 100% natural extract!

The extraction is done by macerating the plants in an exclusively natural solvent. A concentration step by vacuum evaporation then eliminates these solvents. The extracts obtained are then dried by zeodrating, an innovative drying technology that does not denature the active ingredients, and then solubilized in a vegetable glycerin carrier. The extract is then titrated to guarantee the plant's activity into active molecules.

How do we guarantee its effectiveness?

Titrimetry makes it possible to determine the concentration of a chemical species in solution, in order to guarantee the activity of the molecules during extraction. It is simply a dosing technique!

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