How to remove make up ?

We never stop repeating it, to remove make up is a must if you want to get closer to a perfect beauty ! Face skin needs to be thoroughly cleaned from all the daily impurities, at the end of the day, but also in the morning when after a good night's sleep, it needs some freshness.

Here are the following "must do's" to remove make up :

1. Make up remover milk. Impurities (make up, sebum, sweat etc...)on the top skin layer are from water or oily origin. Only a make up remover milk can get rid of them efficiently.

2. Tonic Lotion. Applied after make up remover milk, cleansing water, lotion or tonic lotion gives your skin all the freshness it needs. Pores are tightened and complexion is enlightened.

3. Moisturizing cream. It is the secret of a beautiful skin. Moisturizing your skin is essential to your beauty. When skin is moisturized, it stays soft and supple, regenerates easily and is protected against external agressive agents.

It only takes a few minutes ! Do not neglect it !